Cheers to: Natural Cold Remedies!


Now more than ever is the time I ALWAYS get sick. When New Jersey’s bipolar weather goes from Artic cold to Florida hot, I always find myself with some kind of a cold to accompany my ever annoying allergies. Throughout my life, (and probably many of yours) I have always been told “go to the doctor”, “go get anti-biotics” but did you ever realize this is what can be making us get sick more often?! Americans are so reliant on medicine that we rarely ever let our bodies heal themselves making our immune-system stronger instead of weakening it with all of those anti-biotics! Now obviously I’m not saying you should never take anti-biotics and if you are very very sick, you probably should take them but definitely re-evaluate the situation before you go grabbing for the prescription. For example this last week I have been fighting serious chest congestion and an awful cough which is totally dragging me down. Accompanying the cough and congestion, I also had severe body aches and wheezing. This time around, I decided to try some more natural solutionsI was definitely pleasantly surprised!

Here’s what I do:

20 minute Epsom Salt bath– whenever I had time (at night, before bed preferably) I drew up a hot bath… as hot as my skin could take. Then added 2 cups of my favorite epsom salts, (eucalyptus if my fav for any kind of congestion) and soak for up to 40 minutes. It is best to bring a large water bottle with you into the bath seeing as this bath will make you sweat out the toxins that you have in your body and therefore dehydrate you. When you are ready to get out of the tub it is best to keep it SLOW, since your body has been in serious relaxation for this period of time, any fast movements can make you dizzy & even fall. Be careful!  Keep drinking water even after you get out of your bath and dress in warm clothes to maintain the heat and further sweat out remaining toxins. This is one of my favorite remedies for any kind of cold, it definitely makes you better, relieves any muscle/body aches and the eucalyptus really does open up your sinuses and chest to make you feel better.


Lemon Water Honey Tea- Just by mixing a tablespoon of Raw local honey, half a lemon and hot boiling water you will have a delicious drink that not only gives you vitamin C but also soothes your throat and chest with the natural healing powers of the pure raw honey. Definitely one of my favorites!



Cheers to: Quinoa!

My new healthy obsession is quinoa. (pronouced: keen-wah). I was definitely on a brown rice kick for quite some time, eating it as a healthy and filling accompaniment to dinner or lunch. Now on to quinoa,  a species of goosefoot, which is a grain-like crop grown primarily for its edible seeds. The brand that is my favorite is Ancient Harvest, and you can find it at any Whole Foods Market. I definitely prefer this brand over many others because it is pre-washed and ready to cook whenever. It literally takes about 15 minutes until its done and I normally put it on while I get everything else ready for dinner. You can totally eat it hot, as a side and add some flavors like garlic or herbs… or have in in a cold salad as if it were pilaf. Now the reason why I am obsessed…. its gluten free! Lately, I have been on a gluten free kick and have found many products which I will review on soon!


Cheers to: 4-day Juice Cleanse (Part II)

The point of this juice cleanse that I decided to embark on, is primarily to detox my body and jumpstart all of my organs allowing them to refresh themselves. The previous days/weeks before my juice cleanse I definitely took the precautionary steps to ensure that I would have a smooth transition into the all liquid diet! What I mean by this is that I ruled out my morning coffee about 2 weeks before I started my cleanse to make sure that I would not experience any caffeine withdrawal headaches. Along with weaning myself off of caffeine, starting 3 days before my cleanse I began a strictly vegan diet, which went really well. The morning of the first day of my juice cleanse I was excited, and nervous but definitely ready to go! Onto the juices…..

  • Juice #1 & #5: Signature Green Juice -(consisting of celery, parsley, apple, lemon, kale and ginger). This juice was TOUGH, basically setting the stage for the next four days. It really smelled like grass. This juice is the first and fifth of the day.
  • Juice #2: Spicy Lemonade (consisting of lemon juice, water, agave nectar and cayenne). Surprisingly not bad, definitely refreshing but almost too spicy from the cayenne!
  • Juice #3: Sweet Carrot Juice- (consisting of carrots, apple, celery and lemon). Okay, there was nothing “sweet” about this juice, definitely hard to get down.
  • Juice #4: Better Beet Juice- (consisting of beets, celery, apple, lime and ginger). This juice was the deepest, scariest red color. It wasn’t sweet and definitely did not taste good
  • Juice #6: Creamy vanilla Cashew- (consisting of  cashew, agave, cinnamon) This was SO good. Definitely my favorite juice, and really great to end the day with. Since recently I have been replacing regular milk with almond milk this wasn’t too big of a change.

All in all, this cleanse was really, really hard! Four days of only juices that were not particularly delicious is extremely difficult. I commend anyone who loves juicing, and definitely understand why they do it. I felt great during my cleanse, kicked my caffeine habit and am a lot less tired. I am overall happy that I decided to do it but if I were ever to do this again, I would make my own juices and design them to my own tastes.

Cheers to: 4-day Juice Cleanse (Part I)

So, last Wednesday March 20th, I started on my very first juice cleanse. I had been reading on different ways to cleanses your body and became fascinated with the idea of detox. Being a person who loves fruits and vegetables more than the average person I thought I would be  totally able to handle doing a cleanse. Now let me explain a little bit more… when you do a juice cleanse all you can have are 6 juices a day, water and any herbal (decaffeinated) tea. Let me explain again, no food… only juice. Upon deciding to go for it, I quickly called the juice company and ordered a 4-day cleanse. After patiently waiting, my package finally arrived from the Philadelphia location Tuesday afternoon.

Juice package arrived!

Juice package arrived!

I quickly opened the package and lined up all of the colorful and interesting juices in the refrigerator in my basement. Ready and eager to start the very next day!